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tv   [untitled]    June 20, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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the community, treat everybody with respect. it is a wise rule to follow and it is one that the community deserves. and one that this commission expects. >> i also wanted to report that i have had the opportunity to participate and observe some of our officers as well on some recent activities. on may 31, i had the pleasure of joining the commanders at the fifth anniversary of the domestic violence a women's shelter program. they were extremely complementary of the role and the interaction they have had with the sfpd. they were outwardly complementary. they were probably supported and
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they embraced the commander. they have been the victims of domestic violence. the commander is not here tonight. i want to thank them and the officers in that particular. police department. also, as we heard from one of the members of the public, last week was the annual juneteenth festival, which i was happy to attend some of the events where i also got a chance to observe and talk to some of our officers who were helping with
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public accommodation and ensuring public safety during a very large and active public gathering. i found that the officers were respectful and kind and were members of the community actively participating. it was told to me by several of the individuals, who also recognize many of us from seeing us on television. people came up to me and grosso complementary on the police. i want to thank you for that as well. i have been in contact with already, as june is the additional month for pride celebration, and as a former member of the pride board, i have already had calls and communications from the pride board expressing how helpful the police department has already been for the private organization and the annual pride celebration this weekend. and i want to thank the police
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department for extending to the members of the lgbt community the help that they are giving and making sure that it is a safe and fun celebration. thank you again to the police department. >> commissioners, and the others -- any other announcements? let's call i line item 3d, please. >> line an announcement support consideration at future commission meetings. the police commission will be holding a special discussion at the city hall. that will be at the community center located at two hundred one turk street here in san francisco. next wednesday, june 27th at
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6:00 p.m.. this is to hear comments from the public. and this will be concerning public safety issues in the tenderloin district. gregg's and we will not meet on july 4th, the following week -- >> and we will not meet on july 4th, the following week. the inspectors said he will not be there. [laughter] july 11th, we will switch our second wednesday of the month off. we will be off on july 4th and then meeting on the 11th. >> commissioners, announcements or scheduling of items at this point? hearing none, public comment regarding out line items 3 a, b, c, or d. hearing nine, please call line item number four. -- hearing none, please call
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item no. 4. >> i will take the role of the commissioner on this one. calling the roll for item four. [clerk calls role] mr. president, all commissioners are present. >> back to this annual event that was supposed to be done in the last week of april. are there any nominations for president? >> i was about three of a button, but i think we are right to nominate the same person. >> i want to nominate president amigo to be president. you make us look good. which is the most we can ask for.
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you work very closely with the department and do a great job of letting us know what is going on with all of the work that you do. also, you are respectful of the public, and very respectful of the members of the public. i am more than happy to nominate you to the position. >> thank you. >> i second that. >> any public comment? >> not that the public is generally inquired about such important positions and representation, but since we are here, i nominate petra de jesus,
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who i find to be a much more people's advocate than you, sir, mr. mazzucco. seeing as how it is not an effective nomination, i would ask that you emily it -- i ask that you emulate what we like to see with police accountability. >> thank you. i appreciate your opinion and i always look to commissioner de jesus for advice. public comment is now closed. >> i will start with calling the roll on the motion to elect president mazzucco to another term. moved and seconded. i will start with commissioner marshall. >> aye, aye. >> i think he only gets one. >> commissioner de jesus.
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>> aye. >> commissioner kingsley. >> aye. >> commissioner loftus. >> aye. >> commissioner mazzucco you get a vote, too. i will assume that is ayer. >> yes. >> the vote carries unanimously. >> again, i appreciate everyone's opinion. we are seven commissioners, and we all have one vote. i have learned a lot from everyone of you different perspectives. this is part of the growing experience and i feel honored to have this opportunity every day to serve with you as commissioners and with some of the past commissioners. thank you. while i can take this challenge on for another year. >> thank you for taking on another term. >> i should talk to my wife about this. [laughter] i should thank her for supporting me through this, and i do thank her.
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at this point i would like to make a nomination for vice president. i would like to stick with my partner in crime, dr. marshall. >> can the chair doing nomination? i'm not sure. >> usually not. the nomination would be made by someone other than the chair. >> ok. >> i put in nomination for dr. joe marshall. >> second. >> and i do appreciate dr. marshals service. he has been here for many, many millions. many years. and i appreciate everything he has done. i also think it would be a good idea to share between the president and vice-president. i would like to nominate
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[unintelligible] to a term as vice president. >> commissioner, we have a motion on the floor already. >> how will we do this? one at a time? >> do we start with dr. marshall's nomination? correct at this point because it has been moved and seconded, -- >> at this point, because it has been moved and seconded, we would have to proceed, unless the maker wants to withdraw it. >> and discussion. >> correct, but we have a motion on the floor that has been seconded for dr. marshall as vice president. we can open it for discussion, but we would have to proceed with the vote. after public comment. >> i recommend that we have a discussion about that nomination, and if the votess are not there, then another not -- if the votes are not there, then another nomination on top of that. but a full and robust a discount -- discussion should be had
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pending this nomination. >> that is certainly appropriate, discussion on the motion before it is voted on. >> do we have to ask for public comment first? rex before a vote is taken, yes. -- >> before a vote is taken, yes. >> commissioner marshall, you have been wonderful, wonderful. president, vice president, president, vice president over the years. you have been here for eight years. i wonder if we can have an open and honest discussion about whether or not it is time that we share the leadership position. there are many other people here were just as qualified and do just as good a job. and i do not mean that in a way to despair's -- to disparage dr. marshall in any way. he is one of five has done a great job. i think it is time we had someone share the board of supervisors as well and share
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representation. with that, i wonder if we can be open and honest and share that position. >> commissioner determined -- commissioner turman. >> i actually prepared some things before air denominations. but i still think they are appropriate now. and by the way, i believe the proper form of order is to take both nominations and have each commissioner vote on the name. that is the way it is preferred. in any case, i, too, have great respect for dr. marshall, for what he gets here in the commission and what he does in the community. one thing i want to stress is that i think it is important that we ensure differing perspectives in the role of leadership. i think is important -- i mean,
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eight years of great experience. the commission has had the benefit of dr. marshall. i think we need to share leadership and give other people the opportunity to serve. i think giving others the chance to participate, learn, and lead are important. and i think the balance between the supervisors appointees and the mayoral appointees is also important. those comments are made without reference to any qualifications of dr. marshall. it is my anders standing that traditionally, the price -- it is my understanding that traditionally, the vice president and the president have been a share domination by the appointees. only recently has been done
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differently. i think we would benefit by going back to the old system and insuring that both branches of government have leadership as well as the composition of the board. i make those statements with the greatest amount of respect for the hard work and experience and dedication that dr. marshall has brought to this commission. >> thank you. commissioner loftus. >> if i can just speak to who dr. marshall is too many of us, but as a new member of the commission and coming on as a new member of the city family, that significant work that he does to take a stand and create possibilities for some young people who probably believe they never had a chance before they met this man, i think the type of leader he is for the city and what he stands for is so
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powerful and important, especially in the conversation around policing. i think he represents some of the most vulnerable populations in the city. based on his work in the community, based on the type of person he is and the leadership style he adds, the fact that, frankly, coming on to the commission provide seems as though everyone is functioning quite well. i heard a lot of great comments about the police department. i think the leadership -- the leadership team of president mazzucco and dr. marshall from my perspective has been very successful. dr. marshall's role on the leadership team is something that will continue to reap benefits for the department and the commission. >> i have known dr. marshall -- he is the senior state person on the commission. and i have worked with him in various roles. i have listened to the show on sunday nights. i respect what he brings to the
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commission and to the community. and i do appreciate what the commissioners said, that at some point there should be a mixing. i appreciate and understand that. when i came on the commission provide was somewhat divided. it was pretty clear, and mayoral pay or a board pick. it was one of my last goals in the last year to make sure that one away. the are -- we are all commissioners and it is irrelevant who appointed as. i do understand where you're coming from, but i like the fact that the commission works really well together. we work really, really well. and i think we have a lot of new commissioners, like yourself are in their first year and being groomed to take leadership roles. dodt knows, i will not be president next year. i think there will be -- god knows, i will not be president next year. i think there will be changes in april. i think we are getting to that point and i feel comfortable
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getting to the point where we are having a frank conversation about it. the one thing i do not want to lose is that we are not a divided body. we are cohesive and we work together and get things done. i want to keep it that way. >> i think we're all on the same page. i am concerned about the process. i thought we were going to have a discussion regarding elections and then have nominations. i really do not want to make this about dr. marshall. i think we all agree is a wonderful man and a wonderful leader. i thought we're going to have some kind of discussion about moving forward and how we were going to go forward and if a record to share or not share. i do believe you can nominate more than one person and have a discussion and have a discussion and vote on one person. i'm sorry the city attorney is not here. i have a copy at home. but not with me. i was hoping that process would be somewhat different. because this is not about marshall, but how we want a
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commission to look to the community and for us. and whether or not we wanted a change. i was hoping we would do that prior to putting the nomination on the floor. i think we all agree that dr. marshall has done a wonderful job. that is now we are focusing on. -- not what we are focusing on. our focus is whether we need a change of leadership. >> i think it would have been better to have a discussion about names coming up because i have a ton of respect for dr. marshall. you have been doing youth work a lot longer than i have. my respect is genuine. but i do think we need to share these positions. i agree it should be united and it should be who is the -- appointed by the mayor and was appointed by the board. but the fact is, of both leadership positions have not
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been held by a board appointee. now that we have a female majority, i would be great to share in that way. there are many ways it could be shared. whatever happens to like my respect, and i respect all of the service that dr. marshall has put into this commission, but as president and vice president. i will respect that commission -- that decision. >> should we move forward with a vote? >> before we have a vote, i would like to hear from the two people who have been nominated. as to what they think in terms of time, availability, the responsibilities of vice president, their expectations are around it and whether or not it is something they're willing to do.
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or they are feeling their honored to be nominated, but maybe this is quite to create a burden for them. i would like to hear from the two people nominated in terms of their own been put around the position. -- in put around the position. >> dr. marshall? rex i serve at the pleasure of the commission. -- >> i serve at the pleasure of the commission. >> commissioner turman. >> i have not been nominated. [laughter] >> i think that is wrong. >> i certainly do not have the years of service on this commission as dr. marshall. i certainly appreciate everything dr. marshall has done. and i look to dr. marshall as an example of what commissioners can do and should achieve. if elected to this position, i
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would also serve at the pleasure of the commission. having worked with you, commissioner kingsley come on exactly the obligations, the requirements of the commission -- i know there are no specific duties laid down for the vice president, but i have watched dr. marshall certainly take on certain kinds of obligations to make sure we address certain issues. i certainly have my issues that i think we should address. i am a busy man with a busy law practice, but we all have jobs and we all care. it is time we do what is important with this commission -- we make time for what is important, and this commission is important. >> ok, at this point what we need to do is -- lt. riley is on
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the phone. >> what is going on? >> he is on the phone. >> to attend a rally, as everything -- ? >> oh, no. just sfgtv checking in. >> at this point, should we move on with a vote, the tenor ready? >> as you direct, mr. president. >> we would vote on the nomination of dr. marshall, first, i take it? >> we did not complete the second nomination. we had a motion on the second nomination.
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i would have to ask for that second motion and second nomination again. >> i think that is wrong, but to go ahead if we're going to do it that way. i think is wrong. >> should we take a quick recess and contact the city attorney? >> i think that would be advisable at this point. >> may be what we can do is move into the next item as closed session. >> just take a five-minute bout your right. >> will go into recess for five minutes. and we will decide what we will do with the second nominations. >> will be taking a brief recess at 6:53 p.m.
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